New childcare rebates from 1 July

May 13, 2024

We have all heard the stories about the price of childcare and the struggles that a lot of families face when both parents are working.  The cost of living crises has put an even bigger strain on those working parents but the Governments new FamilyBoost policy hopes to relieve some of that pressure.

For those families earning up to $140,000 per annum and spending $300 per week on childcare, the full rebate of $75 per week would be available.

The rebate would gradually reduce for those families earning between $140,000 and $180,000, with an approx. $18.75 per week rebate for a family earning $170,000 per annum.

Those families earning more than $180,000 per annum will not be eligible for any rebates.

Families will be required to submit invoices to claim the rebate.  Invoices from the 1 July 2024 should be kept, with the application for rebate process starting around 1st October 2024.

More information around this policy will be released with the budget on 30th May 2024 so stay tuned!