Our Experts

dpa experts are relationship focused and enjoy working closely with clients to achieve their business goals whilst giving professional advice in a personable manner, in language that you can understand.  A lot of our experts have businesses of their own, so we have a firm understanding of what our clients need and are looking for from their advisers AND some of the team have been with the firm since inception, so we like to think that dpa must be a pretty good place to work.

Our Directors & Client Partners

Andie Henson


Angela Clark

AT (Fellow)

David Steele


Hayden Pett

BCom, CA

Hollie West


Paul Wilson


Number Experts

Aisha is another born and bred Taupo local.

Once upon a time we could have lost her to netball as growing up she played for the Taupo and BOP reps along with Waiariki Maori Netball, but twice rupturing her ACL meant the end of that career, which meant the next best thing, Accounting of course!

Fun Fact

I had stomach removed when I was 17 because my whanau carry the CDH1 stomach cancer gene.

Favourite Quote

Never a failure, always a lesson.

~ Rihanna

EMAIL Aisha [email protected]

Always looking for a challenge, Cheryll has enjoyed working with a varied client base at DPA.

Currently in charge of all of our team training, Cheryll ensures our team are keeping up to date with the all important CPD hours as well as making sure we are all across any legislative changes.

Not only does she make sure we are always learning, she also is the master reviewer and ensures the financial statements that leave our office are looking how they should.

Born and bred in Taupo, Cheryll is a mum to two active boys and runs a building company with her husband Jake.  When she has the time she enjoys watching the cricket and attending a game when she can.


Favourite Quote

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

~ Forrest Gump

EMAIL Cheryll [email protected]

Georjia grew up in a small King Country town called Aria, went to high school in the Taranaki, then Hamilton for University, so it seems only natural she would settle for the idyllic lifestyle here in Taupo.

Currently studying towards her CA, Georjia works predominantly with Angela’s varied client base and her personable approach is a hit with all of her clients.

Taking advantage of Taupo’s natural surroundings, Georjia enjoys everything our town offers and she can be seen running, hiking and swimming during her down time…if you call those activities “down time” of course.


Favourite Quote

It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.

~ Eeyore

EMAIL Georjia [email protected]

Returning to Taupo after working in Australia in recruitment, project coordination and administration (as well as a wee stint in Canada), Helen has made the switch to accounting and is studying towards her CA.

Taupo is her ideal place to live as she enjoys exploring the outdoors, whether that be snowboarding, hiking or in summer, the lake!  And when the world is in a better place, she intends on doing a lot more travel!

Favourite Quote

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

EMAIL Helen [email protected]

India started out overseeing the busy admin side of the Masterton business until she started eyeing up the numbers side and decided to make the move.

Not only has she achieved a BBus in marketing, India is now studying toward a BBus in accounting which is going to come in handy now she is a Numbers Expert.

She has a keen eye for detail with exceptional organisational skills to boot but wait there’s more – India knows her software so enjoys helping our clients navigate their Xero and Farm Focus software.

Outside of dpa, India is a proud parent to her fur baby, a golden retriever named Buddy, and when not studying can be found enjoying the outdoors around Masterton whilst Buddy takes her for a walk.

Guilty Pleasure

Kombucha! All the kombucha!!

EMAIL India [email protected]

Kelsey is another of our team members that started as our smiling face at reception, joined the Admin team then made the final jump to the accounting side of the business.

She has a personable approach to her clients and enjoys working with businesses across varied industries, whilst keeping up to date with the latest software solutions available to clients.

In her spare time, Kelsey is never found sitting down, she is an active explorer of her local environment and is so sports mad she can probably tell you the score of most televised weekend games.

Favourite Quote

Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

~ Albus Dumbledore (JK Rowling)

EMAIL Kelsey [email protected]


Louise is South African born and made NZ her home in 2017, which means we now have Afrikaans to add to the list of languages spoken at DPA.

Lou is proficient in Xero and works with some of our larger sized clients.

In her free time, she enjoys kayaking and visits to Hawkes Bay often, where her daughter is studying viticulture…which is right up Lou’s alley!

Favourite Quote

Keep it Simple!

EMAIL Louise [email protected]

Tina is another one of our loyal staff members, working for Paul since 1994.

She has an extensive knowledge of forestry, farming and stud businesses which makes her a favourite with these clients.

Commuting to Taupo from Rotorua each day, Tina is classed as our ‘Rotorua Office’ and enjoys being a smiling representative of dpa for a lot of our Rotorua clientele.

Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate - full fat, full cream, diet free Chocolate.

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EMAIL Martina [email protected]

Michael is another of our “born and bred” in the mighty Wairarapa!

Michael started out with Allan at Enumerate whilst he was still at university, exhibiting a keen interest in the business and paving the way for his future career as an accountant, Allan of course asked him to come on full time once he got his degree.

Michael enjoys working with our clients in a wide variety of industries and is certified in Farm Focus as well as Xero software.

While numbers are Michael’s professional game, his social game, and one of his passions, lie with the Masterton AFC, where Michael plays football and also serves on the committee.  \  When he is not kicking a soccer ball around, he can be found outside enjoying what the region has to offer.

Guilty Pleasure

A quiet night in with a bourbon and coke.

EMAIL Michael [email protected]

Niccy started out at DPA as the beaming smile that greeted you all at reception, however after completing her bookkeepers course, she was keen to advance her career in numbers, which saw her make the move upstairs and join the accounting team.

A lover of man’s best friend, Niccy can be seen getting walked by her two dogs on a regular basis. Originally from Wales, she is our official Welsh ambassador and will be pleased to remind you about how Wales reached number 1 in the World Rugby Rankings in August 2019.

Favourite Quote

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

EMAIL Nicola [email protected]

Sarah started working with Angela as a junior clerk in 1993 and has continued to work with the team ever since – so you can be sure she knows our business inside and out.

Having spent most of her life living on farms, Sarah has a particular interest in primary producers.  Sarah works with a wide range of clients from many different industries, including farming, retail, service industries and health providers.

Always interested in accounting software that can help make our clients life a bit easier, Sarah is a keen advocate of both Figured and Sharesight packages.

Sarah’s optimistic nature makes her a hit with everyone she meets – try and catch Sarah in a bad mood – we bet you won’t!

Favourite Quote

Age only matters if you are cheese.

~ Unknown

CALL Sarah 07 376 0390
EMAIL Sarah [email protected]

Sarah originally hails from Wellington and moved to Masterton with her partner Shaun long enough ago now to call herself a true Masterton local.

Currently studying towards her accounting degree, Sarah enjoys working with a variety of clients.

When she’s not crunching the numbers, Sarah indulges in her passion for surf casting, spending weekends by the waters of the local beaches with her partner and 2 fur babies and is an active member of a local church.

Favourite Quote

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.

~ Anon.

EMAIL Sarah [email protected]

Shania is Taupo born and bred and after a brief stint away for university she couldn’t resist returning to the lake and the mountains which she loves to take advantage of at any chance she can get.

Working with a varied client base, Shania’s niche is working with our forestry clients and she enjoys getting amongst it onsite at any chance she can get.

Typical of a Gen Z lady, you can bet she is up to date with all the latest technology that helps our clients run their business better.

Favourite Quote

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is youer than you.

~ Dr Suess

EMAIL Shania [email protected]

Susan has worked for Paul since “Love is all Around” was number 1 on the NZ charts and continues to work for him with a smile on her face.

Her personable approach helps her relate to her clients over a variety of industries.

As a keen supporter of her local community, Susan is Treasurer for the Taupo Society of Ballet & Dance committee.

When Susan has spare time, in between the above and being a mum, Susan indulges her three favourite pastimes, baking, exercising (which cancels out the baking) and gardening.

Favourite Quote

You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough

~ Mae West

EMAIL Susan [email protected]

Like a lot of Taupo “locals” Tamarah hails from the windy capital and was very happy to make Taupo her new home.

Studying towards her accounting degree, Tamarah relishes the hands-on experience working in the industry that she is studying.

With a particular interest in forensic accounting, Tamarah’s attention to detail is second to none!

But there is more than meets the eye with Tamarah, not only does she put numbers together nicely, but she is also a fully fledged petrol head and has built her own show car!  Her spare time is filled with outdoor pursuits with 4 wheels and can be found travelling around the country to different car racing events.

Favourite Quote

As ironic as it sounds, you really do only live once. So make the most of it one day at a time.

EMAIL Tamarah [email protected]

Bookkeeping Experts

Eliza predominately works with our bookkeeping clients and enjoys the varied responsibility that comes with the role.

Outside of life at dpa, Eliza competes in equestrian events so free time is not something she has a lot of these days – but she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Favourite Quote

One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things.

~ Charlie Macksey

EMAIL Eliza [email protected]

If you need help with Bookkeeping, Keely is your lady.  Looking after mostly payroll and creditors & debtors Keely is a well-respected “remote” team member to a number of our Bookkeeping clients.

She assists Angela by acting as Secretary for our Maori Trust clients, Keely enjoys the daily interaction with the Trustees and the many beneficiaries of the Trusts.

She is one of the quieter people in the office so can be hard to locate if she isn’t at her desk, however we just need to find the lolly stash and more often than not, we’ll find Keely.

Favourite Quote

Don't say you can't until you prove you can't.

~ Les Paul

EMAIL Keely [email protected]

Mandy heads up the bookkeeping team and is in charge of HR.  She is our guru on all things regarding “employers” from PAYE to contracts and ACC to payroll packages.

Not one to be kept idle, Mandy looks after our Trust Account and the Client Investment Scheme as well as ensures all of the AML requirements are being met – which is a fulltime job in itself!

She’s a mixed bag of skills and many of you may recognise Mandy as a welcoming face at the Taupo Airport where Mandy lends a hand to her husband Jeff who manages the Airport Terminal.

Favourite Quote

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

EMAIL Mandy [email protected]

Admin Experts

Jade looks after the planning of our events and seminars as well as all of our marketing and sponsorship.   Looking after general client and company administration is also on her list of things to do.

As part of the Talent Management team, Jade supports David, and together they work tirelessly for their clients ensuring their professional (and general life) requirements are all taken care of.

Outside of dpa work, she does more even work running a local flooring company with her husband Darrell.

And after all the work is done, she likes to spend time with her two children and always makes sure she finds time to eat great food and drink even better wine.



Guilty Pleasure

Champagne. And more Champagne.

CALL Jade 021 248 5248
EMAIL Jade [email protected]

Megan works part-time and looks after our tax administration, so you will recognise her as the lady that is reminding you of those lovely Prov Tax payments that are due.

When she is not spreading her tax reminder joy, Megan is always busy being a mum and generally lending a helping hand to anyone that needs it.

EMAIL Megan [email protected]

Overseeing the admin in the Masterton office, Rachel is a lady who likes to be busy.

She is our “voice” of dpa and it is Rachel who you will talk to when you call both the Masterton & Taupo offices.

Rachel is a fully fledged “soccer mom” and enjoys attending both her sons and husband’s weekend football games – a nice outdoor walk doesn’t go astray either!



Favourite Quote

One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day

~ Anon.

EMAIL Rachel [email protected]


Toni looks after the busy Taupo reception that we share with Jensen Waymouth Lawyers as well as the client administration that comes hand in hand with our busy accounting firm.

She’s a master of the juggling act and Toni manages our company annual return process and ensuring the office is generally well stocked with everything we need.

Outside of work, Toni is probably one of our more active members of the team regularly completing in trail sport events where she competes at a friendly level or helping out as a “tail end Charlie” which means she completes the course at the back to ensure everyone finishes as well as clearing the course for the next event.


Favourite Quote

Why not now.

~ Anon.

EMAIL Toni [email protected]

Tracey has seen it all at dpa and has guided the business through the uses of fax machines to Cloud based technology.  She is an integral part of all transitions with new software that we use at DPA, as well as special projects that we undertake.

She is our accounts receivable and payable department and Xero administrator.  She wears a few hats, and has the art of juggling workflow down packed.

Even when it’s operator error at fault, Tracey manages our battles with technology with a witty joke and a smile on her face.


Favourite Quote

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin

EMAIL Tracey [email protected]