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Nicole Taylor Bcom, CA

Client Partner (Taupo)

Nicole Taylor is another one of our Taupo “born and breds”.  After completing university in Christchurch, Nicole stayed down south and gained experience at another Chartered Accounting firm.  She moonlighted at DPA for 3 months before she headed to Canada for two years on her OE where she made the most of the country’s untouched wild surroundings.

We must have done something right, as she has returned to DPA to take up permanent residence where she manages her own client base.

A lover of the great outdoors, Nicole can be found exploring her local surroundings or travelling when she gets a chance.  That, along with some good food and wine, makes Nicole one happy lady.

EMAIL Nicole nicole@dpa.co.nz
CALL Nicole 027 426 1990


Be who you are and say what you mean because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Dr Suess

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