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dpa are at the cutting edge of accounting in New Zealand.

Our experts have been providing accounting services since the early naughties (2002), and in that time, we have constantly strived to incorporate new accounting technologies, help our clients adapt to new challenges in the wider business world, and offer a precise and knowledgeable accounting service that frees up our clients to focus on the stuff that really matters, like growing your business.

Our Accounting packages are designed to help you get the accounting solution you need. Get in touch to discuss our accounting packages, or to discuss something tailored to your needs.

Compliance Services

Our experts can also help you with full business compliance needs, to make sure you stay on top of your requirements.


dpa’s “cutting edge” approach applies to accounting software as well. We can work with your existing accounting software, or guide you in choosing a software solution that suits your needs.

Other Services

Our team has expertise in the following areas and we are continuously adding to our services as technology evolves and business requirements change.