Who is dpa?

dpa is at the cutting edge of the accounting industry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are a Chartered Accountancy firm with offices in Taupo and Masterton offering Accountancy, Advisory and Administration services.  Our clients are from all over the country and we are set up to offer our services at our offices, where ever you are and remotely.

With more services switching to an online and faceless approach, we take pride in forming a close adviser / client relationship enabling us to understand your unique situations and customise our services to suit your needs.

dpa was built with “family first” as one of it’s foundations and after a year in business, we received an HR Initiative Award from HRINZ for our “Nanny Initiative” which saw dpa subsidise a Nanny for its staff members with young children who wished to return to work.  Following on from that award, over the years it has been a priority to create an excellent workplace culture for our team.  We firmly believe that happy team members are efficient and effective team members, resulting in happy clients.

David Steele, Paul Wilson, Hollie West and Andie Henson are assisted by a great team of people, who we refer to as our “experts”.  Their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence is evident in their hardworking nature and the exceptional service we offer to our clients.  Meet our experts


We love our community and are proud to provide services for non-profit groups and wave our flag at various events around Taupo & Masterton.

DPA are proud to support the following organisations: